High Pressure

High Pressure Laminates is one of the most durable decorative surfaces. HPL is composed of a resin impregnated kraft paper, a decorative paper and a clear melamine overlay. HPL is available in many patterns and designs ranging from wood grain to solid colours, chrome and decorative patterns. Urodecor has a wide range of application that can be used to any customer’s needs and decorative requirements.


  • Anti-Dull Technology
  • Anti-Scratch Technology
  • 90° Bendable
  • Anti-Rusting Technology
  • Easy to Use & Install
Product Dimensions

Standard Size :

  • 1220mm X 3660mm
  • 1220mm X 3050mm
  • 1220mm X 2440mm
Product Tolerance
  • Length : +2mm
  • Width : +2mm
  • Thickness : +0.2mm
Panel Option
  • Length : On order
  • Width : Upto 1250mm (on order)
  • Panel Thickness : 6mm
  • Skin Thickness : Upto 0.5mm